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Crossfade: Global Financial System Fading Out, So Global Police State Being Turned Up

Crossfade: a radio/DJ term for keeping music and/or the beat going between one song that is ending and another one that is beginning.  Or as Wikipedia puts it regarding how crossfaders are used: “A crossfader on a DJ mixer essentially … Continue reading

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ANALYST ON BANK OF AMERICA: “Cesspools like BAC need to be completely drained”

  Wow! David Stockman pulls zero punches in this excellent rant (“Shoot Bank Of America Now—-The Case For Super Glass-Steagall Is Overwhelming,” Contra Corner, Feb. 11, 2015) on  how a company like Bank of America in any legitimate legal context … Continue reading

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So I agree with the overall premise of this David Stockman article: cheap labor in the East allowed cheap credit to proliferate in the West: “It was the two-decades-long flow of quasi-slave labor into the export factories of east China … Continue reading

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