Judge Fight

Wow.  A judge actually says to an attorney: “Stop pissing me off” and “I’ll beat your ass.”  I thought judges weren’t supposed to be thugs.  The public defender and the judge actually go into the hall and the judge allegedly lands blows on the attorney:

“Judge John Murphy is accused of punching veteran public defender Andrew Weinstock after the two had words during court in which Murphy allegedly pressured Weinstock to get his client to waive his right to a speedy trial.

‘You know, if I had a rock I would throw it at you right now,’ Murphy tells Weinstock. ‘Stop pissing me off. Just sit down.’

And the judge essentially declares his intent to stone the public defender, i.e., throw a rock at him.  Unbelievable.

The veneer of civilization is indeed “wafer-thin,” as is the line between justice and injustice.  This is of course well-known by  countless homeowners who have had judges berate them, ignore their arguments and evidence, throw them on the street, literally causing them to be homeless, all on admittedly manufactured “evidence” such as robo-signed documents.  This is in no way to minimize the “justice” meted out to the poor and minorities since, well, forever.

But this seems new, somehow.  It’s on camera, for one thing.  The judge knew he was being recorded.  This is the thinly-disguised thuggery of the courts going hot.  Keeping it real, as they say.  The barely-concealed contempt for the rule of law burning through the rules of “civil” procedure.  It’s street rules in the courts these days, chumps.  It’s so quaint, these attorneys bringing case law and facts to a barroom brawl.

The velvet glove is coming off the iron fist.  The little boy that sees very plainly that the emperor is naked is just about to speak up.

And here’s today’s meme…

Divine is forgiving debts meme copy

P.S.  Interesting side-note for indie rock nerds like myself:  since the judge’s name is John Murphy, I think of The Pixies.  Specifically Kim Deal, a/k/a “Mrs. John Murphy.”

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