Bernie Holds His Own Against the Billionaire Class

Today has been a day of the Matrix railing against Bernie Sanders.  You know the drill—he just wants to give away free stuff that we all really have to pay for, it’s unrealistic, pie-in-the-sky claptrap, neither he nor his supporters “understand economics,” etc.  The antipathy toward Sanders is unbelievable.  It’s unbelievable because Bernie is speaking to and for the vast majority of the country, who aren’t multi-millionaires and billionaires.  And he’s simply saying what he has always said and says in the above video—let’s have, for once, an economy that favors the working class instead of the mega-rich.  What is so awful about that?

If you can’t get behind the basic idea that the economy should support workers at least as much as it supports the billionaire class–which is only 536 people out of 320 million–then I don’t know what to say except…man–they got you. They got into your head. They made you believe what THEY want you to believe because it’s good for them and not so good for you.  Is that the legacy we want for our children and grandchildren?  That we let 536 people and their minions turn us into their debt slaves, all because they led us to believe that somehow that would be good for us?  And we were too stupid or inexplicably hostile to someone who might help get us out of debt slavery to stop them?  Because up to this point, that’s how history is going to judge us.  Maybe though, tonight in Iowa, we can see the people really are waking up and then showing up, and standing with Bernie against the billionaire class.

Sure hope so.

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1 Response to Bernie Holds His Own Against the Billionaire Class

  1. The polls are definitely proving the people are waking up. People are more powerful than the elite. Once they realize this with their votes that do count, perhaps they will use their God given power to stand against the banking criminals, and their enablers, including judges, bank lawyers, politicians and sheriffs doing the bidding for the banks because they are afraid of losing their jobs and or love the benefits from the elite. It is sickening.

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