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Why Not Simply Follow The Law? Yale Law Journal’s Novel Idea for Foreclosure Judgments

In a recent post (Judges: Not Dupes—TOTALLY In On It), we decided that when it comes to foreclosure cases, judges are not guileless, impartial innocents deceived by wily banks into throwing people into the street.  No, the judges are (to … Continue reading

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Judges: Not Dupes—TOTALLY In On It

In the past couple of years, we’ve written a number of articles—not quite a series, but more than a couple—asking the following question regarding whether or not judges are impartial, or favor Goliath over David, or whether they really can … Continue reading

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The connection between money-laundering and mortgages

I first came across the story of chemist Dean Moore and HSBC via this very tantalizing headline from Michael Krieger: “How the U.S. Government and HSBC Have Teamed Up to Hide the Truth From a Pennsylvania Couple”.  After reading through … Continue reading

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Beat the Banks at Their Own Game: Self-Issued Currency In Action (Part One)

IMPORTANT NOTE/DISCLAIMER:  The following article is not legal advice and was not written by an attorney.  It is merely a collection of common-sense, rational observations written by a sane, rational layperson with common sense.  It is recommended that you consult … Continue reading

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“Standing” up for homeowners, against banks: Yvanova decision

This one–the Yvanova decision by the California Supreme Court–was a no-brainer, of course. Had the Court ruled that homeowners cannot challenge a bogus assignment, there would be no point in a bank or other purported holder of  California mortgages following … Continue reading

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American “Capitalism”= “Pay or Die”: The system we actually have is not the system we think we have.

In a very revealing appearance on Gary Dubin’s vital radio program—“The Foreclosure Hour”—Washington attorney Scott Stafne accurately gets to the core of what is behind not only the crisis faced by homeowners trying to save their homes from foreclosure via … Continue reading

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99 Homes Review: Letting the banks off the hook? (SPOILERS)

If you have not yet seen the powerful new film 99 Homes and want to be surprised how it all turns out at the end, you might want to stop reading this now, because I am about to spoil the … Continue reading

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“Why Have Any Laws?” Good question with a surprising answer.

That’s actually a good question from Mr. Mandvi in the above meme: “Why have any law?”  Of course, he’s talking about gun laws. But it’s far more important to ask that question about matters other than gun regulations.  What about … Continue reading

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“Welfare State for the Banking System,” Not You and Me

Stacy Herbert nails what is wrong with the current order of things: “(approx. 7:38) This is the class war that Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in the world, has talked about–that his class is winning.  And part of … Continue reading

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May Day 2015: 5 Reasons Working People Are Pissed…

A repost from last year…ain’t a damn thing changed, so I just changed the year, changed the title a little, but other than that—it’s exactly the same.  Nothing changes on New Year’s Day.  How long must we sing this song?  … Continue reading

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